Monday, February 11, 2019

Winning Without Words

won without a word
as they observe your
chase conduct.....
 and the beauty of a
gentle, quiet spirit.

The lovely words above are a few
selected from 1 Peter chapter 3.

I was asked recently to address
how we are to act in situations with
believers who live worldly lives,
or with family who are embracing
the things of the world.

As I read 1 Peter chapter three
concerning a wife's behavior
with a husband who does
not obey the Word,
I realized that these verses
 apply in every
situation we deal with 
concerning any person who
  isn't obeying the Word.

God's Word instructs us
to end our talking
and put on the
beauty  of 
a gentle and quiet spirit
  in response
to a husband who 
does not obey the Word.

I think that can
apply to anyone who
does not obey the Word.

No amount of words
can lead or force anyone
to follow Christ or
obey His Words.

Sharing God's truth once
is all we are called to do.

We aren't responsible
to make sure others obey.

We aren't here to
give unasked for advice.
We are simply here
to represent Christ
to serve Him as He leads.

As we respect, honor,
and value our husbands
and seek to put them first
we shine the truth and love
of Christ into their hearts 
more powerfully than words
can ever do.

Yes, people need the Truth,
but hearts must be prepared
by the Holy Spirit before
Truth can be heard.

If our husbands
or others
"do not obey the Word"
we are to learn how to
win without words.

As we grow in humility,
integrity, love and
self sacrifice and people
see Jesus changing our
attitudes and character
they may become open
to hearing the Word.

And even if there
is no response
we gain peace in our own
hearts as we
continue responding in
love, humility, service
 and gentleness.

Words don't win our husbands
or other people's hearts.

 Many times we have
overused our words 
and ears that cannot  hear
simply tune us out.

A life that shines 
the various fruits of
the Spirit will speak
more clearly than words
when dealing with those
who aren't obeying the Word. 

We must learn not to
talk too much to people
who are not ready to listen.

If our lives don't shine
the reality of Christ
then nothing we say
will have any effect.

What's true in marriage
is also true in our
relationship with others,
our actions must do most of
the talking with those
who don't obey the Word.

God is with us, 
and even when we can't 
talk about Jesus
to our loved one
we can still talk to Jesus
about them.

We can ask Him
to make them the people
He wants them to be.

We can ask Him to
give us wisdom,
humility, and patience as we
interact with them.

We can ask Him
to have mercy on those
we hold dear.

He is able to give us
gentle and quiet spirits,
which are precious to Him,
as we live and serve those who
"do not obey the word."

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