Saturday, January 12, 2019

Replacing Lies With Truth

My husband made me a little stand
to hold my "Sword" so that
I can easily see it as I go about 
my daily homemaking duties.

I got the idea of keeping my Bible open
from an elderly friend I met at church.

She told me that she was a little girl
during the days of the Depression.

Her daddy lost their farm and they were
very poor, and eventually her daddy died.

Her mama was left with little but
hungry  and needy children.
Her mama told them that God would take
care of them, and  every day after they
read the Bible, Mama left the Bible open
all through the day on the
table so she and the children would 
see it and sit down with it to find hope
and comfort as the day went along.

Her words blessed me, so I asked 
for a stand to hold up those beautiful
Words of hope in my home.

As I shared in my last post,
we don't have victory in ourselves,
victory is always the result of Jesus
living His life and power through
our weak and frail vessels.

Victory comes as we saturate our
minds in Truth from God's Word.

Every single sin we commit
comes from one reality......
at some point in our thought
processes, we have
 replaced Truth
with some lie.

We don't just stumble into sin.

We have to believe a lie first.

Then once that lie takes root we
live out sin through 
our words and actions.

As James 1:14-15 says.... 
We are tempted when
we are drawn away by our 
own desires and enticed,
when desire is conceived
it gives birth to sin,
and sin...
when it is full grown,
brings forth death.

That doesn't mean one will just fall dead,
maybe that happens sometimes,
but the death that full grown sin 
brings is  lived experientially
within our heart and mind.

The death 
of unkind words pouring forth.

The death of cheer and peace within
as the heart shrivels in vengeful thoughts
and hot anger boils up within .

The death of anxiety-
a full blown epidemic today-
which comes from sinful thoughts
ruling a heart and mind.

The death of relationship
as bitterness takes root and 
destroys the bonds of love.

The death of reason,
as emotions take control and
words are spoken that never heal.

Death takes many forms.

Nervousness, anxiety,
depression, all stem from
cultivation of lies growing
in the heart.

And it all began with a thought.

I read a quote recently that said,
There is no habitual sin
that is not being fed 
Put it to death.
Starve it of the resources
that are keeping it alive.

As a friend said about a sorrow that
we saw unfolding before us.....
"It's too late now,
that horse is out of  the barn!"

Thoughts running free and wild,
destroying everything in its path.

These things need to be contained 
and starved before
they bring havoc and destruction.

Let's take a moment to dissect a
thought that's heading into an
act of sin....
perhaps an unkindness has
been thrown your way.

Thoughts of bitterness
and retaliation are planted
 in the mind.

Soon those seeds take root.
Words against the offender are
spoken to others, the
offense grows larger in the heart,
and bitterness intensifies.

The mind and heart are trapped
in thoughts of anger, unable
to be set free from the offender and
their unkindness.

As we come to Jesus and His word
in Luke 6:27-36
we realize that He wants us to do good
to those who hate us, bless those who
curse us, pray for those who are spiteful.

Our hearts shrink a bit when Jesus
shares the solution to our problem.

Yet, if we decide to follow the Savior
(a decision which is ours to make).....
Luke 6:27 addresses these verses to
"those who hear".....
we find that doing good, 
blessing the offender,
and praying for them,
releases us from the bonds we
 bitterly shared 

 Even if the offender does not
receive our blessing and react in kindness,
we have freedom and the joy of forgiveness.

There are times that 
after we have done all we can to
promote harmony and restore peace,
that the offender doesn't desire peace.

We are then free to put our Hand
in Jesus' Hand and journey on.

See my post entitled
Mastering The Art of The Exit
when such behavior occurs.

Our hearts are no longer in bondage to
the poison of the offenders 
words and behavior.

We are set free to think on what is good, kind,
lovely and honorable, set free  go on with Jesus 

My daughter in law is friends with a 
young woman in Reno Nevada.

This young woman has been through 
a terrible loss in the murder
 of her beloved daddy.

Yet, the Lord has set her free from
bitterness and given her a wonderful
testimony of freedom in Christ.

She shares this freedom
with people in hopes that they will
turn to Christ and His Word to
walk free of bitterness and live 
in joy and peace.

Her name is Laurie Coombs.
She has written a book entitled
"Letters From My Father's Murderer:
A Journey of Forgiveness"
I think you will be amazed and
blessed by her story of freedom
and healing that she found in the 
Lord and His Word.

Dear ones,
the Lord Jesus IS Victor.

His Words are Words of
life, healing and peace.

Every moment today can be
lived in victory and joy
as you choose to take His Words
and apply them to every situation
you face.

Replace lies with His truth
and in time you will be set free
from all bondage and joy will
fill your heart.

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