Wednesday, January 9, 2019

I'll Never Do It Again

Have you made that promise to God before?

Lord Jesus, if you will forgive me
I'll never do________again.

Yet, in time we come back confessing
the same problem, sometimes repeatedly.

We can begin to feel troubled by
our lack of ability.

The Bible says....give a gentle answer.

The Bible good to those who are spiteful

The Bible your enemy.

The Bible says.......submit to your husband.

The Bible says......gluttony is a sin.

The Bible says.....think only what's right, pure, lovely.

The Bible says......put God first.

The Bible nothing from conceit and self 

The Bible says.....kept a gentle and quiet spirit.

How ya doing?

Got all that down perfectly?

Me neither.

We can long to follow even the hardest 
sayings of Jesus in our hearts,
and find the law of rebellion in 
our fleshly walk can't we?

Paul said that the very thing he
wanted to do he did not do it.

Rather he saw the work of sinful self
being expressed through his actions.

Like us, he faced the struggle
between having a renewed heart
that loves to obey God's will,
and still being incarcerated 
in a body of flesh.

There is hope.

Not that you are going to do better.

Not that you are going to find the perfect
will power within to finally overcome that
issue that you feel is actually hopeless.

Wouldn't it be easy if we could just say,
"I read the Bible today and it says to 
love my enemy......oh good.... I think
that's best. I will love my enemy for Jesus."

It doesn't take long to
realize that you don't have any
love or forgiveness for the enemy
who harmed you or your loved ones.

It's not a simple thing to
turn the other cheek when someone
gossips, slanders or curses you.

If you're like me,
you come to realize that there
are some strongholds in your heart.

Places that you know God wants
you to be free from, yet, you haven't
the power to do what you know is right.

This is a blessed place to be.

Here is the very situation needed
to recognize the weakness of self
and the glory and power of Jesus....
The One Who sets the captive free.

I have good news for everyone who
has come to the place of giving up
on your  own abilities.

This is His place of victory.

The place He can begin to work.

It's called bankruptcy.

Jesus can only help the bankrupt heart.

The one who knows they have 
no resources.

You have tried, Lord knows you have.

You have pushed and strained
blood sweat and tears trying to force
that thing to move, to change 

Not an amount of
strain, pushing talking, pleading...
didn't help.....not a bit.

It's not that you didn't try to change____.

Maybe you have 
for a long time, but not an inch of improvement.

You're ready to give up.

Glory Hallelujah!

You're finally learning
one of the hardest lessons of life.

Strongholds are not
overcome by self control.

Not by might
not by power.

Not by self control, self power,
words, money, or a helping hand.

There's victory
in Jesus.

Would you like the secret
to changing yourself?

Would you like victory over your words?

Your eating habits?

Your spending habits?

Your manipulation and control?

Do you want to rest dear child?

Are you finally done trying?

Here's the answer.....
Everything coming from Christ
nothing coming from you.

How you ask
does this exchange take place?

Easy answer,
but hard to do.....

bring every thought captive to Christ.


By saturating your mind in the Word of God.

God's Word has the answer to every
question in your heart.

And His Son has the power
and victory to overcome 
every single problem in your life.

Just one thing .....
Are you willing to do anything for Jesus?

Are you willing to really
believe He is in control and
hand Him your whole life?

He won't grab the reins away from
you.. you know 

They have to be handed over
to Him faith.

Jesus is not going to hand you
His victory....that's something He had
to buy through His death on the cross.

He will however, live this 
victory through a
surrendered heart.

His life 
lived through you
as you choose to die
to your freedom to make
choices apart from His will.

Strongholds don't come down
through will power.

Strongholds are defeated by
renewing your mind.

A renewed mind is prepared
to turn all of self over to His complete control.

You can't move that boulder.

Jesus can.

And in the meantime
you can rest on the Bosom of sweet Jesus,
because He will never leave you or forsake
your trust in Him.

Run to Jesus...
as soon as you do wrong, 
as soon as fear comes, as
soon as trouble comes to
your to Jesus.

When you have Jesus
you have everything.

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