Friday, January 18, 2019

A Relaxed Home Atmosphere

The best option to reduce stress in the
home or in our own heart is to make
the choice to follow Jesus' Words.

His way is not always easy,
but it is the most restful
and healing path of life.

We need Jesus every day.

Our healing and continued
spiritual well being cannot 
rest on a once a week church
visit or an occasional visit
in God's Word.

We need Him daily.....
moment by moment.

There will always be more to
do than we can complete in
a given day as homemakers.

Taking time out to visit
with Jesus is a worthwhile
discipline that brings sweet
peace and a calm, rational mind.

As we focus on loving Jesus
and putting others first, 
we may find some things put
on the back burner, but we
will discover that our anxiety
and agitation calm as we
meet each need in grace. 

A peaceful demeanor and a
  joy filled heart
will be more of a blessing to your 
loved ones and others around you 
than a perfect house, 
perfect body,
or perfect looking life 
lived in stress
 trying to impress people
 and keeping everything in
apple pie perfection. 

It's not a terrible thing to live
a relaxed life, I'm not speaking
of an undisciplined life,
rather a relaxed life free from 
the tension of people pleasing,
or over concern for perfection.

God is full of grace,
and He waits for us to 
abide in His presence so
we will be prepared
to truly enjoy
each day and each person
He sends for us to minister
His love to.

He can help us do what He
has called us to do,
but He doesn't give strength
for tasks He hasn't appointed
us to take care of.

If you awake dreading the day,
or find you cannot sleep at
night just knowing 
how overwhelming
tomorrows calendar is,
that is a strong indication 
that you are living with a
"whip at your back"....
but Jesus is not the One
cracking that whip.

His yoke
is easy...
His burden is light.

Make being in His presence
your new priority.

And remember....
no one can "have it all".

A happy life never consists
of possessions,
fitting into a crowd,
or overly full calendars.

A happy life consists in loving 
God and loving people.

The activities we allow
into our lives should 
focus on these two things.

Guard your time.

Learn to say "No"
to anything that detracts 
from these two life priorities.

Ask yourself if the
activities that take your
time and focus
really please Jesus
and give you plenty of
time to just be
in His presence.

If you are living to please 
and impress others,
or living solely to please
yourself, you will never have
peace and will experience stress
when people or God get in the
way of your plans and goals 

Actually, the more you put God
and others first, the less stress you
will experience, and you will 
find peace growing in
your own heart.